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The  Lodge  Banner

The Lodge Banner depicts a straight road running through an ancient ruined arch.  This is an allusion to the old Roman Ryknild Street which joined the Watling Street at Wall, its Roman name being Letocetum.  The Ryknild Street ran through Streetly and is where the modern Thornhill Road and Roman Road, Little Aston now are, which is also the boundary between Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  It was also thought that a Roman staging post was in the vicinity of the Parson & Clerk Hotel, which was approx. midway from Wall to the Roman fort of Edgbaston and is shown by the ruined building.

“Domine Dirige Nos”, our inscription, means “God guide us”.   The columns, squared pavement, square and compasses are self explanatory.   

This Banner was designed by, and executed at the studios of  The Birmingham Guilds on information supplied by the committee of Streetly Lodge. It was dedicated at our 3rd Regular Meeting by The Asst.P.G.M. W.Bro. R.B. Mummery.

Old City


Consecrated 11th May 1956

It all began with a discussion in Barr Beacon Lodge No. 6109 between W. Bros Edgar Toon, Fred Dorricott of Hatherton Lodge No. 2474 and Fred Thompson of Goldieslie Lodge No. 6174 when they considered the foundation of a new Lodge for the Aldridge and Streetly district.

After their first discussion they approached several close Masonic friends who might be interested in founding a new Lodge. On Friday 28th October 1955 the first recorded planning meeting took place at the Masonic Hall in Freer Street Walsall. In addition to the original three, W.Bro Noel Boardman and Bros. T.H. Gair, W.J. Taylor, R.S. Vann and K.V. Hartshorne were present.

W.Bro. Toon was elected Master Designate and W.Bro. Dorricott the Secretary. Over the next seven months before the consecration, a further eight members brought the number to sixteen and Barr Beacon became the sponsoring Lodge. The Founders were required to pay their annual subscription of £5 in advance to put the Lodge in credit. Bro. N. Howes was appointed Treasurer and the remaining offices were filled.

The consecration and Installation of the first Master were performed by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Robert Bradley Mummery, supported by fifteen Grand Lodge Officers, twenty eight Prov.G.L. Officers, Brethren and many visitors including the Masters of the four other Walsall Lodges, filling the temple to its maximum of 110.  The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremony was W.Bro. Major H. Wilson Keys, who was to become Prov.G.M. several years later.  The ceremony was followed by a seven course banquet which cost each diner a staggering thirty shillings.

A prominent Past Master of the Lodge was W.Bro. the Rev. Vernon S. Nicholls. In 1977 he became Grand Chaplain of United Grand Lodge, and served as Provincial Grand Master for Warwickshire from 1985 to 1992. He passed to the Grand Lodge Above in 1996 and his widow returned his Streetly Past Master’s jewel to the Lodge. As a mark of respect it is traditionally presented to each Immediate Past Master to wear for that year.

The Golden Jubilee Meeting was held at our current home, the Aldridge Masonic Hall, on Thursday 11th May 2006, when some 114 Brethren were present. The Meeting was followed by a five course banquet which cost each diner £25.

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