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The Italian Job 2 - The Pyrenees Adventure

Mark Duce & Richard Archer of Streetly Lodge No. 7448

And so it begins. Streetly Lodge's Master and Immediate Past Master start their new adventure. Leaving a windswept Bromsgrove this morning, the pair cycled off bound for Tuscany, Italy to raise funds for Provincial Grand Lodge of Staffordshire's 2024 Charitable Festival. This festival is seeking to raise £2m for the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

They are heading through the Cotswolds bound for Portsmouth where they will catch a ferry to Santander. Whilst that sounds like half of the trip conquered, it is in fact quite the opposite. As the Pyrenees lie before them they will make a 1072 mile trek to central Tuscany. There are also 23,000 feet of hill climbs to negotiate.

Munching their way through a welcome bacon sandwich this morning, they both seemed more perturbed by the rumour of invasive Pyrenees Python snakes left by an anonymous donor on their Just Giving Site. They need not worry, the Mountain Bears got to the Pythons long ago.

If you would like to support this intrepid pair, why not head over to their Just Giving Website, make a donation and leave some words of support and inspiration? - Or warn them of other wildlife to steer clear of!


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